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1Qlabs is an AI innovation studio that specializes in delivering bespoke AI solutions tailored to address unique business challenges. With a focus on natural language processing, machine learning, and data analysis, we harness the power of AI to transform businesses and drive innovation.
We work with you to define the problem and desired solutions
Work directly with our crew of creative problem solvers across engineering, design and marketing. We'll help research, workshop and explore what your needs and outcomes are and match them to the right technology and solutions.
Highly transparent and hands-on access all the way
You are a key part of the chain in the design and development of your solution. We will provide rapid prototypes, mock-ups and working proof of concepts. These keep you informed of the validity, feasibility and functionality of our work.
Safe hands to help deploy in the market, live and working  
Starting with your MVP we will help build and deliver your tried and tested solution into the market. Leveraging data and feedback from live users we'll continue to refine so we deliver value and success.

“It’s going to affect every industry. Anything you’re interested in, anything you’re working on is going to be impacted...”

— NfX
venture capital firm
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We have the perfect team to build engaging experiences and products from a first spark of an idea, to incorporating new solution pipelines into large-scale existing infrastructure.

Custom AI Solutions

We develop bespoke AI solutions to address specific business needs. Our team will analyse your business problem, design an AI pipeline to solve it, and help integrate it within your existing processes, or find a fit within a new market.

AI Leadership

Our team provides expert AI advice to businesses, helping them understand the potential benefits and impacts of AI and how it can be implemented within their specific context. We offer strategic guidance on AI project planning, feasibility studies, and risk assessments.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Our expertise in LLMs enables us to create solutions that understand, interpret, and generate natural human language. This capability allows for a wide range of applications, from chatbots and virtual assistants to sentiment analysis and content generation.

Data Analysis & Visualization

We extract insights from complex data sets and present them in intuitive, visual formats that help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Problem-Solution Fit

The applications for generative AI are endless. This technology is a game-changer and will affect every industry in the market. Here are just a few examples.

The deflationary impact of AI on data poses a threat to EdTech platforms' competitive edge and their ability to create exclusive, valuable content.
Generative AI mitigates this by producing abundant, personalized educational content, enhancing data value, and reinforcing exclusivity.
Traditional marketing content creation processes face pressures from AI advancements, leading to inefficiencies, high costs, and distribution challenges.
Generative AI revolutionizes the marketing content creation process, enabling efficient, cost-effective production and distribution of personalized content at scale.
Traditional enterprise training methods face issues of scalability, personalization, and efficiency, leading to inconsistent knowledge dissemination and a lack of engagement among employees.
AI-driven training solutions deliver personalized, engaging, and scalable training modules, enhancing knowledge dissemination and improving employee engagement and productivity.
The advent of generative AI brings deflationary pressures on traditional data and IP models, leading to diminished exclusivity and value of proprietary content across various industries.
1QLabs will help you find a solution path that keeps your product innovative, competitive, and resilient in this AI-driven landscape, enhancing your proprietary value and securing your position in the market.

Your idea is next.

Speak with us today about your market concerns, your problem points, and your crazy ideas. We look forward to it.

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A couple current projects that showcase the 1QLabs problem-solution fit.

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Sydney, AU



In the 1Question mobile app, children learn to earn screen time on their devices. Educational material is delivered via engaging short videos and quiz questions.

  • Deflationary data moat, manually created educational content is no longer a viable IP
  • Scaling engaging content to a worldwide audience
  • Providing personalized learning experiences to individual students
  • Generative AI pipeline to create educational content based on specified curriculum.
  • Model stacking and AI orchestration allows for dynamically creating and transforming content to anyone in the world, adaptive to local language and curriculum.
  • Personalized AI instances. A proactive system that learns from an individual user and optimally adjusts their learning experience and grows with them.

1Question is revolutionizing education by leveraging AI to create adaptive, personalized learning experiences, overcoming key market challenges. This approach enables scalable content creation, worldwide reach, and evolving, individualized education pathways.

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Sydney, AU



Talking Brands is an innovative AI tool that streamlines content creation for marketing needs. It produces press releases, articles, social media posts, and more from a single content source. Providing expertly written content in a consistent brand voice.

  • Traditional marketing content creation is labor-intensive and time-consuming, struggling to maintain brand voice consistency.
  • Delivering personalized content at scale with conventional methods is costly and challenging.
  • Adapting swiftly to market changes and effectively localizing for global markets are significant hurdles for traditional content creation.
  • A custom AI pipeline reduces labor and time demands, and ensures brand voice consistency across all marketing content.
  • By personalizing content at scale, generative AI offers a cost-effective solution to meet diverse audience needs.
  • With swift adaptability and localization capabilities, a proactive AI responds effectively to market changes and stays ahead of the curve.

Talking Brands leverages AI to streamline marketing content creation, providing cost-effective personalization, brand consistency, and the adaptability needed for market changes and global distribution.

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