From 1Question to Pioneering Generative AI Solutions

The Origin Story

Once upon a time, we built 1Question, a groundbreaking app that gamified screen time for kids. Teachers on one side crafting educational micro-courses, and parents on the other, curating what their kids learn. It is a win-win. Teachers get a platform and parents get better screen time for their kids. It is like having a personal tutor in your pocket, powered by real humans. We raised nearly $2M in crowdfunding, welcoming 400 shareholders.

Then, the game changed. GPT-4 was released.

GenAI and the 'Uninvestable' Reality

It was like the iPhone entering a world of flip phones. The technology could slice and dice the world's information into bite-sized learning moments. For us, this was a mixed bag. On one hand, it was like hitting a goldmine of content creation; on the other, our original business model had been severely degraded.

Our community of teachers—our go-to-market strategy—was suddenly less critical. The writing was on the wall: adapt to Generative AI or become a footnote in tech history.

Embracing the Inevitable

We didn't sit idle. We jumped headfirst into Generative AI, adapting it into our existing platform. This wasn't just a challenge; it was a paradigm shift that forced us to reevaluate everything. Our shareholders weren't just financial backers; they were enthusiastically testing new features because their success was tied to ours. 

A New Opportunity

Here's where it gets interesting. Our shareholders, seeing the transformative power of Generative AI in 1Question, asked a new question: "Can you do this generative AI magic for us?" We were cash-strapped, but opportunity-rich. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on generative AI consulting gigs for our shareholders.

1QLabs: Your Generative AI Powerhouse🚀

Fast forward four intense months of trials, errors, and breakthroughs, and we’re thrilled to unveil: 1QLabs - an AI venture studio focusing on generative AI solutions. We're not just a company; we're a movement. We believe the future is written with the help of AI, and we're here to author it. We're your go-to team for turning generative AI into competitive advantages.

What Makes Us Tick? ⚙️

1. Innovation Over Capital: We level the playing field, making market solutions less about financial muscle and more about the smart application of AI. 

2. Deflationary Wizardry: We're mesmerised by the cost-crushing power of generative AI and processes to turn that deflationary force into sustainable ARR.

3. Disintermediation: We're at the intersection where IP and AI merge enabling businesses to break new ground. 🌪️

This isn't just our story; it could be yours too.
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