Obsolete Before Graduation: The Fast-Paced Dilemma of AI in the Job Market

"With AI, it’s conceivable that students might now find themselves learning skills in college that are obsolete by the time they graduate." This line from a recent article (link in comments), which shares Chris Hyams (CEO, Indeed) thoughts on AI and the workforce, is a gut punch to anyone who thinks AI is merely a tool in the hands of humans. Yes, AI is a tool, but it's unlike any other in human history—it evolves, learns, and disrupts at an accelerating pace. 🚀

Historically, each wave of technological innovation brought both promise and peril. The Luddites weren't merely a bunch of curmudgeons resistant to progress; they were skilled artisans watching their livelihoods evaporate. Fast forward to today; the same narrative is unfolding, only the pace has exponentially increased. Even if you argue that it's people using AI who will replace jobs, you must acknowledge that those people will be increasingly beholden to AI systems far more efficient and cost-effective than human labour. We must also acknowledge that AI copilots make humans much more productive - ultimately reducing labour demands.

"Tech evangelists use the word 'disruption' as if it were purely positive," the article points out. While we all embrace the extraordinary power of AI, let's not overlook its extraordinary impact on the labour market. We're not just talking about travel agents and taxi drivers anymore; we're talking about entire sectors and industries facing upheaval.

This is personal - I've got 2 daughters about to graduate high school and enter University. Understanding how Generative AI is and will impact the workforce is critical to helping them choose what degree to study.Bottom line: Optimism is good, but so is realism. Let's face the uncomfortable truths and work on sustainable solutions.

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