Unveiling AI's Potential: A New Frontier in Dynamic Pricing

At first I had a laugh .... Chat GPT told me it would take 3-5 business days to complete a task I had assigned to it. That's a first. Intuitively it makes sense - some tasks require more resources than others, some are more complex and some have external data dependencies. Still - I was blown away and, intrigued.

The concept of throttling task execution uncovers a potential avenue for a dynamic pricing model - AI offering a fast-track service for a task, at a premium fee. I, for one, would have gladly accepted the offer for a quicker turnaround.

This scenario isn’t merely a whimsical thought. It opens up a dialogue about monetizing AI in a way that's beneficial for both the service provider and the client. It's about aligning the pace of task execution with the urgency of needs. And while it's a simple narrative, the implications could be substantial.

The road ahead in AI monetization is laden with opportunities waiting to be explored. This just might be one of the many stepping stones. Your thoughts?

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